Statement of RCSS political policy (ceasefire Period)

21 March, 2012 Restoration Council of the Shan State (RCSS) Central Executive Committee and Headquarters Leading Committee held a meeting on 16-17 March 2012 at Loi Tai Leng Headquarters and laid out a 6 point RCSS Political Policy during ceasefire as follows.


  1. To build unity in Shan State and establish a genuine Federal Union.
  2. Every ethnic nationality and state must share equal rights. Whether or not the Shan State will secede from the union will be decided by the Shan State people.
  3. To carry out the development campaign for the Shan State people to understand and to be able to use the Parliamentarian Democratic System including human rights.
  4. To cooperate with President U Thein Sein government in eradicating narcotic drugs.
  5. Standing by the ceasefire to solve the political issues through political means until achieving our goal.
  6. Military means will not be used unless there is a necessity. The army is to assist the people and give security for the people.

Central Executive Committee
Restoration Council of the Shan State (RCSS)