Analysis of the RCSS’s joint pilot drug eradication project with UNODC and the Thein Sein government

The experience of RCSS in attempting to carry out the joint drug eradication project indicates that the agreement is on paper only and the government has no intention of cooperating on drug eradication.

Although RCSS has been maintaining its contact person to keep in touch with the CCDAC and UNODC for the crop substitution and drug eradication program for a year, the CCDAC has never made any official contact.

The government’s failure to adhere to its agreement is affecting trust building in the peace process.

This analysis paper supports the above conclusion and describes the attempts by RCSS to implement a pilot drug eradication project jointly with the UNODC and the Thein Sein government, under the RCSS’s ceasefire agreement. Over a year since it was agreed upon, the project has been delayed due to lack of cooperation from the government at different levels. This experience is affecting trust building in the peace process.

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