UWSA has released SSA soldiers

A high level officer from 727 brigade of the Shan State Army disclosed that SSA soldiers arrested by UWSA at Poong Far Poong Tong of Mongton township on 30 June 2012 had been handed back to the SSA authority and arrived at the base on 17 September 2012.

On 13 September 2012, a SSA delegation was sent to the Wa army stationing in Huay Aw of Mongton township and discussed with UWSA’s high level officers.

One of SSA’s high level officers in the delegation said, “The reasons SSA soldiers were arrested by the Wa are 1. SSA soldiers were encroaching on the UWSA region, 2. SSA accused them of getting involved in drugs trade and 3. SSA arrested 60 workers from Hongpan company.”

He explained that the accusation of the Wa on SSA was just a misunderstanding. The accusation is groundless. Our soldiers were not encroaching on UWSA region. We don’t accuse them of getting involved in drugs trade. We did not arrest anyone from Hongpan company. It has been just a misunderstanding.

The two sides reached an agreement in the meeting to open channel of communication in order not to incur further greater conflict between the two.