9 point agreement reached in Tachileik

On 27-28 October 2012, a Roundtable Discussion on Implementing a Shan State Response to Alternative Development and Other illicit Drugs was held between the Government, UNODC and RCSS at the City Hall, in Tachileik.

This is the first ever meeting the agreement has been reached on the topic since it was included as the first point of the 12 point agreement signed between the Government and RCSS at the second union level meeting held in Kentung on 19 May 2012.

The 9 point agreement reached at the roundtable discussion.

  1. To conduct a Government, UNODC and RCSS joint needs assessment in the townships of Mong Nai and Mong Pan of Shan State.
  2. Based on the data from the needs assessments, to conduct a Government,  UNODC and RCSS joint selection of AD pilot locations in these two townships.
  3. To jointly undertake community consultation in pilot locations as part of a joint AD programme design process for these selected pilot locations.
  4. To make implementation as soon as possible in a joint Government, UNODC and RCSS partnership in these selected pilot locations.
  5. UNODC will provide technical assistance to the Government and the RCSS in support of these AD processes.
  6. UNODC will discuss with international donors to get the funding currently needed in a joint selected pilot project locations.
  7. RCSS will keep the local people as well as its members informed on protection against dangers of drugs, reduction and total eradication of opium cultivation, cooperation in the control of drugs and implementation of the crop substitution project.
  8. For effective implementation on joint control of narcotic drugs and AD projects, CCDAC, Shan State Police Force and RCSS will each appoint contact persons and exchange information through emails, telephones and other appropriate means.
  9. Security issues in the joint CCDAC-UNODC and RCSS crop substitution project sites will be presented to the higher authorities.

To be able to effectively make implementation of the agreement made, RCSS, point 9 of the agreement, has requested Government-RCSS security cooperation at the AD pilot locations so that security can highly be assured.