Loi Land Meeting - RCSS, UNODC and President U Thein Sein Gov

On 14 February 2013, a meeting was held in Loi Land of Mong Nai between RCSS, UNODC and President U Thein Sein government before the actual needs assessment can be made in Mong Nai and Mong Pan.




The meeting was attended by RCSS representative Major. Kheo Fah, 3 members of UNODC, Minister of Shan State Border Security Col. Aung Thu, Director of the CCDAC Office and Drug Eradication Department Pol Col Myint Aung, Shan State Police Chief U Win Tun, Kholam District Deputy Commander U Thant Zin Oo, Mong Nai Shan youths, Cultural Association on Drug Eradication and people of Mong Nai.

At the meeting, UNODC Country Manager Mr. Jason Eligh explained the purpose of meeting to the meeting participants as in the following.

  1. In March 2013, to jointly conduct needs assessment in Mong Nai and Mong Pan.
  2. In May 2013, to hold a meeting between RCSS, UNODC and President U Thein Sein government to decide the AD project site locations.
  3. In June 2013, to meet with the people concerned in the selected locations and explain to them about the plan and how the locations have been chosen and get the opinion of the people to participate in the implementation process.
  4. In September 2013, to start implementing the AD project.
  5. In order to achieve a successful project, it depends on every one’s participation.

At this meeting, Sao Kheo Fah states, “We, RCSS local authorities, also have the responsibility of working on drug eradication and crop substitution. We are happy to have the opportunity of joining hands with UNODC and President U Thein Sein government in working for Shan State people.”

On 10 February 2013, RCSS Chairman Lt. Gen. Yawd Serk and Mr. Jason Eligh discussed about the same issue in Loi Tai Leng and to start the needs assessment in March 2013 as well.

On 02 April 2013, RCSS Anti-Narcotic Committee members met with Mr. Jason Eligh at UNODC office in Taunggyi.

During the meeting, Mr. Jason Eligh said that the situation in which the needs assessment could not be started as planned in March was because of the fighting between SSA and the Tamataw soldiers on 24 February 2013 and fear that it could widely spread. The needs assessment would be started after water festival and he would need to talk to Naypyitaw to get the approval.

Thereafter, it is said that a higher officer of UNODC would reach Naypyitaw to have a meeting and talk with President U Thein Sein government in order to start the needs assessment and the patience is needed to wait for the green light from the meeting.